Mr. Anand Tawker, General Manager-Asia Pacific Region, e-inclusion and Emerging Market Solutions, Hewlett-Packard, Vancouver, USA and Mr. A.Sharat, Project Officer,

Livelihood Development

Poverty is multi-sided due to lack of opportunity and empowerment among low-income groups of India.World Corps India is concerned about poverty, particularly the lack of access to opportunities and skills especially among women of the low income groups in India. One of the ways for improving the conditions of the  women of low income families in urban and rural areas, which will not only lead to acquisition of skills but will also provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to the families is through the creation of micro-enterprises, which provide an opportunity to be employed or self-employed. Collaborative efforts towards employment generation and job creation on a public-private partnership capacity would yield positive changes in the development of the women, the rural areas and the development of the nation.

World Corps India's public private partnership programme was launched with the objective of  

"training and educating hundreds unemployed men and women of Kuppam Constituency in market driven income generation activities, entrepreneurship development, skills development and provision of comprehensive long-term support and follow-up leading to the establishment of women owned and managed micro enterprises which provide livelihood opportunities to the women and their families in the rural areas."

In order to fulfil its objectives, World Corps India has established strategic partnerships with companies for generating employment for women in Kuppam region.  World Corps India collaborated with Sri Traders, Bangalore for Agarbathi/Incense stick manufacturing. The company provides services such as, supplying of raw materials, assisting in process, marketing products, skills up-gradation and skills development training to ensure sustainable businesses/job opportunities for the women beneficiaries.

This public-private partnership programme would serve as an effective framework for poverty alleviation and economic empowerment of the underserved rural people.

Involvement of the key stake holders such as the government, industries, civil society and the beneficiaries in this effort would create sustainable employment and incomes for unemployed youth and their families in the rural areas of Kuppam Constituency, Chittoor District.