Mr. Anand Tawker, General Manager-Asia Pacific Region, e-inclusion and Emerging Market Solutions, Hewlett-Packard, Vancouver, USA and Mr. A.Sharat, Project Officer,

EAST Programme

Urban and rural education facilities commonly have no skill/job-oriented educational syllabus or access to other technological equipment to develop technical skills. To gain access to new opportunities for employment skills, the EAST Programme impacts youth directly by expanding educational opportunities.

The Employability and Attitude Skills Training (EAST) Programme of WCI provides young people with opportunities to connect with skills and resources that will help them to find suitable jobs to earn a decent livelihood through gainful employment.

The East Programme also functions as a support system for government departments, trainers, and educators, NGOs by acting as a library, information center (access to computers and internet), local livelihood opportunities and training center all in one. Our centre is located in Chennai.

World Corps India’s approach is distinguished through several important ways. 
First, WCI provides intensive self-employment training prior to and after the launch of the businesses.  The provision of ongoing technical assistance, both in community outreach, marketing and in business management, is critical to help build towards sustainability of businesses.

Second, the model is based on creating sustainable businesses. World Corps India trainees become business owners who must develop their own plans for capitalization of their businesses and create a line of products and services to insure adequate cash flow. 

Third, World Corps India focuses on training and building capacities of the young people to engage with target client/beneficiaries.  Through this process, knowledge, awareness and skills are adopted more quickly. A long-term coaching component assures that knowledge is transferred competently to the community.